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    cheat engine not working not a problem , CE+ google chrome how to use guide

    So you cant operate Cheat engine in chrome ? Too many browser windows and the only time it will work if you hit and try until you find a process that works?
    Had to resort to Firefox plugin?

    I have seen a lot of users claiming that they can not use cheat engine , they enter a value press can , but no results are returned, I had initially faced this problem and after watching many youtube videos had i arrived at a fix , i want to spare you the trouble and hence the reason of this guide . I see no such guides on the forum so here is mine .

    You would be be encountering this because of either of two reason , 1. the aob is incorrect , 2. and most probably you selected a process which does not co-relate to the shock wave game you want to modify . An easy fix to this is use Firefox , you have only one process list for firefox which is firefox plugin , i personally hate firefox with a vengeance so here is my guide on how to use cheat engine in Google Chrome.

    Requirements: - Windows Calculator ( We will need the programmers mode {alt + 3} so i am not sure if this will work on computers running on XP )
    Cheat engine and Google chrome

    Step 1 : First things first you want to type up chrome://memory in your address bar , you will see a list of processes , note down PID for Shockwave Flash Plug -in

    As you can see for me its 4172

    Step 2: Now here is where windows calculator comes into play . You want to press Alt+3 to enter the programmer's mode , now enter the number which was you had noted as your shockwave flash plugin , again for me it was 4172. once you have typed in the PID for shockwave plugin , click one the hex button .

    Step 3:- open up cheat engine process list and look for the string of alphabets/numeric that has come up . That would be the correct process.
    as seen in fig- 3.

    Note - every time you close/restart chrome , the number is subject to change so you would have to repeat the process once again.

    please feel free to ask any question regarding using CE i would be happy to answer them.
    NOTE- Credit to coilvect who has made a similar guide which i used to refer to as a basis to make mine.
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