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Thread: Selling Art Commissions for NP/Other

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    Selling Art Commissions for NP/Other

    Yep I'm taking art commissions for NP or Other. Paypal only with Other and ETS items for NP.

    I can draw your pets for the Beauty Contest or a picture for the AG. I can also do Sigs and Icons. And of course i can simply just draw your character ^_^ I can do pretty much any subject matter, except like graphic design ._. i prefer character drawings, im not a very good designer when it comes to that stuff.

    examples of my art:


    *I can't guarantee you'll get into the AG or Win the BC. The AG is annoyingly random lol I've been rejected a few times even when i put hours of work into a piece, they seem to accept shitty work more then good work -_- prolly just being fair to the kiddys. And the BC its up to you to advertize! I can tell you that Ive gotten two gold trophies for two of my pets with moderate amount of advertizing(and ive only entered twice lol). People will vote for good work, so yeah. Just put the vote link in your sig and hang out on the forums a lot. Thats all i can do there. )

    *Also, ive discovered from previous commissions that drawing Metal takes twice as long, so i will ask twice as much if you want a lot of metal done in a piece. Unless you want it to look very very simple, then it will be reg. price.)

    ******Please PM for details on pricing. *******
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