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    updated food list

    food shop ab list, all profit. enjoy!

    Jelly Negg
    Mega Sandwich
    Diet Big Gulp Neocola
    Chocolate Coated Blue Cheese
    BLT Croissant
    Rainbow Carrot
    Happy Anniversary Negg
    Candy Floss Carrot
    Chocolate Coated Cheese Strings
    Kadoatie Biscuits
    Christmas Pattern Negg
    Puzzle Fruit
    Cheesy Chocoshake
    Container of Purple Liquid
    Uni Salad
    Green Picnic Hamper
    Flower Nectar
    Rainbow Cybunny Negg
    Puntec Cupcake
    Lawyerbot Degreaser
    Pretty Purple Princess Negg
    Grey Eggs and Bacon
    Rainbow Negg
    Egg and Tomato Sandwich
    Blue Cybunny Negg
    Tigersquash Custard
    Cheesy Chokato Pie
    Blue Picnic Hamper
    Rainbow Apple
    Mighty Steakwich
    Black Currant Juice
    Fun Icy Cheese Pop
    Pirate Negg
    Mega Pipper Sandwich
    Raspberry Toffee Apple
    Grey Toast
    Chokato Toffee Apple
    Cheesy Strawberry Slice
    Glowing Apple
    Cheesy Carrot Chunks
    Deluxe Elephante Cake
    Lenny Salad
    Bag of Peanuts
    Apple Juice Sippy Cup
    Jalapeno Kacheek Cheese
    Mega Tuna Sandwich
    Purple Picnic Hamper
    Rainbow Neggnog
    Baby Elephante Milk Bottle
    Fire Apple
    Black Caviar
    Borovan Layered Cake
    Golden Caviar
    Onion and Mustard Pie
    Polka Carrot
    Peppered Salmon Dish
    Fire Carrot
    Fern Salad
    Flaming Tuskaninny Ice Cream
    Chocolate Coated Holey Cheese
    Square Meat
    Heart Shaped Negg
    Starry Cupcake
    Honey and Bacon Burger
    Mutated Negg
    Upside Down Ice Cream
    Puntec Parcel
    Mega Manoroot Sandwich
    Purple Carrot
    Steak Negg
    Cheesy Krawk Dip
    Fancy Rack of Lamb with Fruit
    Chocolate Coated Cheese
    Island Meatloaf
    Tchea Toffee Apple
    Bangers and Mash
    Cybunny Day Canape
    Ice Apple
    Seaweed Flotsam Burger
    Asparagus Borovan Lasagne
    Chilli Salmon Souffle
    Peach Jelly
    Grey Waffles
    Chocolate Coated Tangy Cheese
    Red Picnic Hamper
    Acara Ice Cream Surprise
    Peanut Dash Stir Fry
    Green Ham
    Lutari Fizz
    Steak Surprise
    Zeenana Toffee Apple
    JubJub Coconut Juice
    Snotty Vira Onion
    Carrot Crown
    Meerca Apertif
    Flied Rice
    Le Sausage
    Slorg Biscuits
    Funnydew Neggnog
    Stuffed Chokatos
    Starry Scorchipepper
    Frozen Veggie Delight
    Tasty Guacamole
    Pizza Sandwich
    Noil Candy Floss
    Raspberry Jam
    Petpet Crackers
    Super Icy Custard
    Chokato Neggnog
    Squibble Berry Sandwich
    Roast Chestnut Neggnog
    Ruki Salad
    Fruit Tart
    Chocolate Shoyru Meatball
    Mynci Surprise Ice Cream
    Pumpkin Bread
    Deluxe Peophin Burger
    Flotsam Fin Soup
    Welsh Rarebit
    Thistleberry Sandwich
    Turkey Drumstick Dinner
    Unripe Puntec Wrap
    Watermelon Roll
    Spicy Kau Burger
    Kau Waffles
    Buzz Sandwich
    Techo Jelly Surprise
    Battle Duck Negg
    Meerca Bolognese
    Happy Birthday Negg
    Nimmo Day Fruit Cake
    King Altador Sack Lunch
    Exotic Plant
    Twin Salad
    Congratulations Negg
    Purple Cybunny Negg
    Speckled Negg
    Raspberry Sundae
    Cybunny Carrot Stew
    Maple Syrup Negg
    Orange Negg
    Ultimate Icy Negg
    Pink Negg
    Candy Cane Negg
    Blue Negg
    Yellow Negg
    Rock Negg
    Chocolate Ice Cream
    Festive Faerie Fizz
    Turkey Dinner
    Sweet and Sour Negg
    Decorative Negg
    Ultra Icy Negg
    Mosaic Negg
    Glass Negg
    Partitioned Negg
    Garlicy Mushrooms
    Cheddar Kacheek Cheese
    Ornate Purple Negg
    Hasee Puff Cereal
    Swirly Negg #498
    Gooseberry Jam Packed Lunch
    Ham and Mustard Packed Lunch
    Cupid Negg
    Strawberry JubJub Sundae
    Sliced Turkey Dinner
    Valentines Negg
    Cheesy Kois
    Green Scorchipepper
    Clam and Meatball Pizza
    Lemon Swirly Negg
    Super Icy Negg
    Egg Salad Packed Lunch
    Shell Lollypop
    Pickled Onion
    Squid Sauce
    Cheese and Pickle Packed Lunch
    Quadruple Scoop of Sorbet
    Yamless Candied Yams
    Buzz Bread Salad
    Strawberry and Orange Blend
    Cheese Rigamaroll
    White Chocolate Covered Toffee
    Hot Dog on a Stick
    Dipping Apples
    Hot Fudge Sundae
    Buzz Dung Cone
    Caramel Chia Parfait
    Veggie Burger
    Star Shaped Cheeseburger
    Chocolate Covered Toffee
    Green Negg
    Flowers and Coffee
    Cucumber Salad
    Lime Swirly Negg
    Mouldy Mini Kau Cheese Wheel
    Tofu Poogle Pate
    Quiggle Veggie Soup
    Bowl of Mushy Peas
    Chocolate Kau Milk
    Special Breakfast
    Cupcake with Rainbow Frosting
    Veggie Poogle Pate
    Scorched Kabob
    Seasoned Curly Chips
    Slice of Zafara Pizza
    Swirly Chocolate Milk
    Purple Hamburger
    Steak Platter
    Furanga Fruit Sandwich
    Blueberry Jelly Doughnut
    Xweetok Burger
    Sausage Gravy
    Kadoatie Puffs
    Lamb Chop
    Coral Delight
    Taco Salad
    Red Buzz Energy Drink
    Beef and Veggie Soup
    Lemint Green Salad
    Zafara Veggie Stew
    Giblets Gravy
    Tchea JubJub Mini Burger
    Mynci Fruit Kebab
    Apple Achyfi
    Hash Browns
    Peanut Dash Shake
    Orange Filled Jacket Potato
    Scaled Negg
    Chicken With Vegetables
    Plain Bagel
    Bacon Tape
    Sweet and Sour Soup
    Paper Negg
    Fried Potato Balls
    Xweetok Sugar Cookies
    Wocky Spaghetti Ball
    Tea Jelly
    Phear Flavoured Milk
    JubJub Strawberry Juice
    Freeze Dried Bacon
    Vanilla Aisha Pudding
    Stormy Negg
    Cookie Negg
    Purple Negg
    Apple Walnut Tea Sandwiches
    Garlic Mashed Potatoes
    Korbat Pasta and Meatballs
    Vanilla Yurblecone
    Speckled Veggie Burger
    Berry Delight
    Sour Cream Chomby Crisps
    Tomato Omurice
    Fish and Chips
    CPMPB Pizza
    Turkey Dumplings
    Fruit Tuskabob
    Fancy Star Burger
    Strawberry Parfait
    Purple Crisps
    Water Cake
    Tofu Pumpkin
    Iced Shoyru Meatball
    Flaming Hot Burger
    Egg Stew
    Fizzy Apple Juice
    Pink Cheese
    Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich
    Moehog Milkshake
    Chocolate Green Tea Parfait
    Chocolate Gnome Crunch
    Steel Negg
    Ham Casserole
    Cheese Sticks
    Spinach Alfredo Omurice
    Symol Cheddar Cheese Ball
    Chocolate Elephante Doughnut
    Blueberry Jelly Twirl
    Toffee Chocolate Aisha Sundae
    Blue Bruce Juice
    Chicken Tuskabob
    Turkey Leg Pasta
    Fruit Basket
    Plain Onigiri
    Gnorbu Wool Candy Floss
    Gnorbu Wool and Jelly Sandwich
    Deep-Fried Vegetables
    Twirly Fruit Cream Cheese Dip
    Speckled Candy Floss
    Roasted Chestnuts
    Extra Large Xweetok Sushi
    Chokato Omurice
    Vanilla Flotsam Day Shake
    Aisha Tomato and Potato Soup
    Meaty Gnorbu Pie
    Raspberry Yurblecone
    Jhudora Eyeball Pasta
    Tuskaninny Ice Cream
    Mild Cheddar Jetsam Fin Crackers
    Freeze Dried Meat
    Square Gelatin
    Mynci Ham and Cheese Sandwich
    Fresh Borovan and Asparagus Tart
    Fresh Durian
    Flotato-Stuffed Turkey
    Orange Baby Aisha Lollypop
    Gnome Crunch
    Deep-Fried Mac-n-Cheese Loaf
    Sparkling Twirly Fruit Juice
    Dung Negg
    Invisible Negg
    Chocolate Poogle Lolly
    Deep-Fried Candy Floss
    Raspberry Basket
    Paper-Wrapped Chicken
    BLT Sandwich with Cheese
    Veal Parmesan Gormball Sandwich
    Beans on Toast
    Korbat Veggie Plate
    Vanilla Poogle Cupcake
    Gnorbu Chocolate Pudding
    Blackberry Sorbet
    Toast on Toast
    Cheese and Tonu Crackers
    Extra Meaty Pie
    Pineapple and Broccoli Pie
    Shoyru Cereal
    Speckled Ice Cream
    Raspberry Aisha Waffle
    Crunchy Buzz Honey Delight
    Small Fizzy Drink
    Peanut Dash Cookie
    Dried Lupe Snack
    Fruity Aisha Sundae
    Pickled Pears
    Creamed Corn
    Hearty Pie
    Moehog Grilled Peanut Butter Sandwich
    Dirt Ice Cream
    Kyrii Dewy Apple Milkshake
    Acara Rainbow Lollypop
    Mint Chip Skeith Cone
    Minty Aisha Sundae
    Baby Bruce Milk Bottle
    Twirly Fruit Flavoured Milk
    Neopian Jambalaya
    Peanut Butter Tonu Crackers
    Vegetarian Usul Wrap
    Chocolate Nimmo Dessert
    Edible Argyle Socks
    Cole Slaw
    Raspberry Baby JubJub Lollypop
    Flotsam Ice Cream Sundae
    Mynci Mushroom Soup
    Meat and Potatoes Krawk Pot
    Kyrii Jumbleberry Milkshake
    Chestnut Soup
    Moehog Marmalade
    Rainbow Artichoke
    A Smatter of Mustard
    Korbat Cheese and Crackers
    Rainbow Burger with Cheese
    Double Scoop of Sorbet
    Fried Chicken and Waffles
    Chocolate Poogle Cupcake
    Symol Mouldy Cheese Ball
    Golden Tangerines
    Black Cherry Ice Lolly
    Strawberry Jetsam Ice Cream
    Apple Rigamaroll
    A Smatter of Ketchup
    Grilled Islandberry Slices
    Aisha Mega Burger
    Watercress Tea Sandwiches
    Techo Garden Salad
    Blumaroo Ice Cream Sundae
    Red Scorchipepper
    Bacon Achyfi
    Cream of Tchea Soup
    Suspicious Borovan Creame Pie
    Cinnamon Toasties
    CPMPB Salad
    Egg Pate
    Number Jelly Parfait
    weetok Veggie Crepe
    Mini Swiss Kau Cheese Wheel
    Sketch Pie
    Cheesy Onion Noodle Soup
    Buzz Honey Pot
    Hot Fruit Soup
    Chia Cereal
    Negg Noodle Soup
    Thornberry Gormball Sandwich
    Quiggle Stew
    Lutical Berries
    Gnorbu Wool Burger
    Chunky Mushroom Soup
    Zafara Breakfast
    Triple Scoop of Sorbet
    Blueberry Achyfi
    NFreeze Dried Sausage
    Sausage and Chips
    Garlic Cheese Toast
    Left-Over Sliced Turkey Sandwich
    Granola Parfait
    Gelert Day Cereal
    Draik Wrap
    Seaweed Bacon
    Sloth Day Nachos
    Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
    Cream Cheese Pretzel Bites
    Strawberry Gelert Shake
    Deep-Fried Okra
    Black Cherry Taco
    Peanut Butter and Jelly Gormball Sandwich
    Turkey Pie
    Pumpkin Eyrie Souffle
    Blue Acara Cake
    Mini Kau Cheese Wheel
    Pepper Lupe Treat
    Wormy Jam Sandwich
    Creamy Chicken Dish
    Portobello Platter
    Caviar Sandwich
    Lupe Burger
    Ogrin Pasta
    Tea Waffles
    Wishbone Delight
    Strawberry Cybunny Ice Cream
    Kacheek Meatball
    Rainbow Poogle Lolly
    Spicy BBQ Chomby Crisps
    Berry Xweetok Ice Cream
    Pickled Apples
    Plain Eyrie Souffle
    Cheese and Raspberry Plate
    Disco Toast
    Borovan Chicken
    Turkey Curry
    Doglefox Ice Cream Scoops
    Xweetok Veggie Crepe
    Draik Soup
    Chokato Sundae
    Techo Energy Drink
    Chicken Taquitos
    Chocolate Covered Carrot
    Paper-Wrapped Salmon
    Carrot Cupcake
    Mini Koi Cereal
    Captain Scarblade Crunch Cereal
    Cheese Negg
    Bubbly Rhuby Fruit Juice
    Dirt Achyfi
    Vanilla Skeith Cone
    Pea and Carrot-Stuffed Turkey
    Dirt Burgers
    Nimmo Meatloaf
    Xweetok Hot Chocolate
    Draik Salad
    Bubbly Roseatte Juice
    Turkey Leg
    Black Cherry Pudding
    Cheesykraut Hot Dog
    Corn Bread
    Sparkling Space Cocktail
    Mutant Milkshake
    Turkey Croquettes
    Tangy Cheesicle
    Open Top Onion Sandwich
    Sloth Day Pasta
    Carrot On A Stick
    Poogle Spaghetti
    Bubbly Twirly Fruit Juice
    Turkey Enchilada
    Dressing and Cranberry Sandwich
    Sparkling Blue New Year Juice
    Mighty Grarrl Burger
    Yurble Pot Pie
    Rainbow Toast with Rainbow Jam
    Orange Yurblecone
    Spaghetti Hot Dog
    Fruit Punch Roll
    Buzz Sandwich With Honey
    Red Bruce Juice
    Carrot Salad
    Oatmeal Raisins
    Blueberry and Orange Blend
    Morel Mushroom Dip
    Mayonnaise Chilli and Cheese covered Corn on the Cob
    Felberry Gormball Sandwich
    Moehog Fruit Leather
    Wocky Pot Pie
    Seasoned Lupe Chips
    Chokato Cream Cheese Dip
    Korbat Tea Sandwiches
    Koi Seaweed Sundae
    Lemon and Orange Blend
    Bubbly Harffel Fruit Juice
    Chicken Dumpling Soup

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    wasnt sure how to spoiler it min 3500k profit

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    <spoiler> </spoiler>

    change to [ and, ]

    3.5m minimum profit?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    <spoiler> </spoiler>

    change to [ and, ]

    3.5m minimum profit?!
    I'm sure he meant 3,5k, some items in that list aren't worth more than 5k.

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