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Thread: books updated list 11/10/12 min profit 2k

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    books updated list 11/10/12 min profit 2k

    i did this list at ******** item database so every restock it will buy something!

    Olde Zafara
    Neopian Heroes
    Uni Myths
    Princess Vyssas Diary
    Forbidden Zafara
    Inside the Mind of Bob
    A Chia Halloween
    Modern Lupe Magazine
    Lenny Witchcraft
    Sophie, A Biography
    Best Friends
    Experimental Physics
    Illusens Diary
    Chia Art History
    Shadow Usul Stories
    Moehog Matching
    A Seasonal Pea
    The Magic Staff
    A History of Chias
    Cybunny Care
    Grundo Tales
    Zafara Mystery Collection
    Lenny Cookbook
    Bruces Guide to Combat Eating
    Joy of Jelly Kaus
    Chomby Mysteries
    Super Secret Guide to the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters
    Gifts for your Enemies
    Poogle Pages
    Kau Pastures
    Book Of Peas
    Defenders Of Neopia Battle Log
    Pteri Pop-Up Book
    Calculus Basics
    Zafara Lore
    1052 Sakhmetian Tales
    Rubber Mallard Collecting
    Meercas In Love
    Baking Chocolate Korbats
    The Happiest Day
    Usuki Value Guide
    Iron Skeith
    Aerial Shots of Neopia
    Chia Quotes
    Care of Koi
    Gruslens Galore
    The Joys of Cooking with Magma
    Zafara War
    Extinct Neopian Languages
    12 Angry Myncies
    Jazzmosis Biography
    Book of Fake Scratchcards
    The Voodoo Techo
    The Bad Skeith
    Trigonometry Hyperbolics
    My Life As A Lenny
    The Island Of Kacheeks
    Mortog Music
    A Chia Story
    Unabridged Dictionary
    Shenkuu Hiking
    Kougra Classics
    Deciphering Your Dreams
    Faerie Imprisonment for Fun and Profit
    Conquer the Dark
    Faeries of Spring
    Brain Trees Brainiac
    Faerie Secrets
    Space and Magic
    The Grizzly Gruslen
    Lupe Digest
    The Eyrie Guard
    Neopias Past
    A Chias Choice
    The Zombie Chomby
    Chomby Poems
    Happiness and the Money Tree
    A Snowbunny Tail
    Lava Art Projects
    Wishing Well Wishes
    Book of Bruno
    I, Moehog
    All About Fire Faeries
    Quantum Physics
    Neopian Atlas
    Talk Like A Pirate
    Buzz Acrobatic Stunts
    The Pea From Outer Space
    Harquins Day
    Vicious Attack Book
    Poogle Day Ideas
    A Faerie Beautiful Day
    Brightvale Altador Cup Media Book
    Famous Chias
    Cooking With Your Wock(y)
    Toast Tasting
    Krawk Island Altador Cup Play Book
    Fall Destinations
    All About Dark Faeries
    Spotting Seaweed
    Friends Forever
    Ixi Glade
    Spooky Usul Stories
    Illusions Illusion
    Hand-crafted Wool Paper
    The Chomby Secret
    Peophin Power!
    The Velveteen Draik
    Cenanit Ragamans
    Purple Lupe Photo Album
    Calendar Scroll
    Legend Of The Quiggle Runner
    Defence in the Battledome
    Zombie Legends
    The Life of a Hot Dog
    The Dark Peophin
    Tyrannia Altador Cup Media Book
    Book of Evil Schemes
    All About Earth Faeries
    Growing a Vine Yard
    Lost Desert Altador Cup Media Book
    Faerieland Altador Cup Media Book
    Draik Tales
    Super Lupe Comics
    Cave Batterflies
    Altador Altador Cup Media Book
    300m Peanut Dash Guide Book
    Illusens Book of Charm
    How to Knit Petpets
    Shenkuu Altador Cup Media Book
    Gelert A to Z
    An Eyrie Evening
    Illusens Journey
    Gallery Of Toast
    Darigan Citadel Altador Cup Media Book
    The Lonely JubJub
    Faeries of Winter
    Finding Illusen
    Kacheek Magic
    Moehog Decorating Tips
    Draik Magic
    Monstrous Makeovers
    Usul Investigations
    A Tale of Two Slorgs
    The Hot Scorchio Cook Book
    Ownow Petting Techniques
    Lupe Legends
    Neopian Autumns
    Captain Meerca
    Frozen Foods with Taelia
    Year of the Snowbunny
    Wings of a Ghost
    Shenkuu Floral Arrangement
    Kiko Lake Altador Cup Media Book
    The Way of the Draik
    The Slorg and I
    Winter is Here!
    Cheat By Capara
    Hold Your Breath
    A Magazine
    Common Cures
    Neopian Encyclopedia A - E
    The Best of Neopian Ice
    Mystery Island Altador Cup Media Book
    A Very Tiki Holiday
    Long Neck Lucy
    Pizza on the Ceiling
    Do It Yourself Bobbleheads
    Go Home Moehog!
    Growing Flower Crystals
    The Great Chomby Caper
    Aisha Lovin It
    101 Leafy Uses
    Famous Aisha Magicians
    Pile of Usukicon Y14 Product Advertisements
    Hiding Valuables
    Little Timmys Story
    Angelic Usukis
    All is Well
    The Art Of Cybunnies
    Virtupets Altador Cup Media Book
    101 Beverage Recipes
    Dont Call Me Cute
    Clash of Moehogs
    Maraqua Altador Cup Media Book
    Grey in the Shade
    Krawk Island Altador Cup Media Book
    Haunted Woods Altador Cup Media Book
    Mollusk Magazine
    Neopian Knitting Patterns
    All About Light Faeries
    Cooking With Peas
    Altador Paperback Book
    Dark Gelert Rising
    A Tale of Two Lupes
    Roo Island Altador Cup Media Book
    Hot Dog Recipes
    I Love Moo-cee
    Cybunny Mutations
    Advanced Magic
    A Summer of Borovan
    Terror Mountain Altador Cup Media Book
    Writers Tips
    The Ultimate Sticker Book
    Chocolate Chia Cookbook
    Meridell Altador Cup Media Book
    Phases of the Moon
    Meerca Paint Guide
    Knitting Your Own Hat
    JubJub Roll!
    Carnival Of Terror Guide Book
    Great Reefs of Neopia
    Advert Attack Guide Book
    Rare Stamps
    Decorative Towel Folding
    Holiday Decorating Hints
    Kiko - Fu
    Crochet Patterns
    Faerie Chombies
    Altador Cup Magazine
    Feepit Pop-Up Book
    Pteri Poetry
    Wocky Magic
    Tis Be Harvesting Time
    Twisted Tales Of The Mutant Ruki
    Uni Cycles
    My Hobby Book
    Guide to Petpets
    A Squires Life
    A Day At The Races
    Kaus Guide to Better Grazing
    Baby Blumaroos
    Tropical Flora and Fauna
    Gnorbu Grooming Tips
    Making Kau Plushies
    The Chomby Champion
    Zap the Robot Aisha
    Cybunny Secrets
    Mynci Book of World Records
    The Spotted Flotsam
    Worst. Poetry. Ever.
    Big Foot the JubJub
    Starry Kougra Dreams
    Rare and Retired Items
    Chia Ghost Stories
    Forbidden Pteri Tales
    Lutari Painting
    Volcano Run Game Guide
    Skies Above Tyrannia
    Slorg & Steady
    Fun Tree Facts
    Acara Algebra
    The Grand Usul Adventure
    Zombie Grave Book
    What Me Cheat
    The Draik
    Professional Sock Collections
    Paw in Paw
    Yurble Style
    The Korbat Researcher
    The Lost Grundo
    llusens Twigs
    The JubJubs Secret
    The JubJub Club
    Down the Symol Hole
    Secret Lenny Book
    Cave Kacheek
    Musical Math
    Wings of Steel
    Famous Sculptures
    Origami Pop-Up Book
    Uni Care
    Grand Master
    Nutty The Turdle
    Wings Over the World
    101 Uni Treats
    Oopsy Daisy
    Carrot Sculpture
    Happy Feet
    Eye Of The Grarrl
    101 Uses Of Bacon
    Cybunny Financing
    A Gnorbu Novel
    The Red Paw
    The Shoy
    Creating a Lucky Zafara
    Skeith Tails
    No Bones About It
    To Beak or Not to Beak
    Escape From Meridell Castle
    Double Tuskaninny Tales
    Every Shoyrus Handbook
    A Warm Christmas
    Meruth The True Story
    Jelly Mysteries
    Kiko Care
    Usuki Style
    Neopian Chandeliers
    Practical Jokes
    Naughty or Nice
    Acara Anatomy Book
    Jubble Bubble Game Guide
    Mr X
    Advanced Thermodynamics
    200 Puppyblew Tricks
    Kacheek Week
    Kiko: Emperor of the Desert
    Techo Master Tactics
    On Tour with Chomby and the Fungus Balls
    How to make Origami Creatures
    Moehog Masterpieces
    A History Of Moehogs
    Desert Days
    The Spectre Legacy
    JubJub Day Ideas
    The Complete History of Wockies
    Faerie Berry Recipes
    Legendary Pteris
    Book of Clams
    Tonu Tails
    101 Uses for Ice
    Patter Feet
    Legendary Skeiths
    Better Than You
    Destruct-O-Match Tips
    The Pineapple Chia
    Cooking With A Bomberry
    Aisha Secrets
    Cooking With Chef Boulgar
    Its Aisha Time
    King Skarl the I
    History of Whirlpools
    Kacheek Horror
    Lutari Totems
    Kiko Christmas Story
    Lost Spells of Neopia
    Baby Kacheeks
    Poogle Plushie Catalogue
    Harris Tales
    Scorchio Defence
    Chia Book
    Kasuki Lu Biography
    Flying For Eyries
    Lost Desert Colouring Book
    Just Rolling Along
    JubJub Journal
    Jeran the Lupe
    Koi Owners Manual
    Origami Pets 101
    1002 Spells For You
    Court Jester Jokes
    An Acara Named Whirr
    ProSoap Making
    Go Fly A Kite!
    Baby Gelert Pop-Up Book
    27,209 NP
    The Missing Koi
    Barallus The Brave
    Enchanted Butterfly Book
    Trectse fo Thade
    Usul Health
    Faerie Usukis
    Scents Of The Skeith
    Scorch E O
    The Nimmo Ranger
    Krawk Pot Recipes
    The Uni Trilogy
    Kiko Boo Boos
    Basic Potion Brewing
    Blumaroo Guide To Dancing
    The Yurble Spy
    Shell Poetry
    Desert Badlands
    Plushie Adventures
    Mutations in Kacheeks
    Nimmo Explorations
    Cleaning Technology
    Wocky Hide and Seek Book
    History Of The Lost Desert
    Kiko Lake Paperback Book
    Xweetok Ice Breakers
    Webs of Death
    Empower Your Tail
    Chomby Diary
    Keeping Peophin
    Lennies Who Lie
    Gourmet Bowl Tips
    Feed Koi
    Scaredy Acara
    Mynci Horror
    Of Leaves and Lutari
    Striped Elephante Pop-Up Book
    Faerie Kau Handbook
    Life In the Citadel
    Poogle Profile
    The Happy Blumaroo
    Neopian Encyclopedia K - O
    Healing Koi
    An Ogrins Wild Life
    Greyed Expectations
    Guitarists Guide
    Learn to Swim
    Feeding Lupes
    Techo Secret Journal
    Banana Wars
    Avoiding Writers Block
    Zafara Art
    Medieval Petpets
    Tell Me Why
    Disco Kau
    Mythical Kyriis
    When Your Meercas Hurt
    Quiggle Health and Fitness
    Dance Away
    Malkus Vile Book
    Geraptiku Digging Sites
    Uni Days
    Draik Secrets
    Kacheek History
    The Wonder Of Toast
    Underwater Tour
    Curing Kacheeks
    The Flotsam Raiders
    Top Secret Skeith Stuff
    Arr Through Yarr - A Pirates Dictionary
    Hanging Out
    The Peophin That Couldnt Swim
    Yurble Adventures
    Round About Yurbles
    Ukali Poetry Journal
    My Weekend With Lennies
    The Midnight Moehog
    String of Toy Books
    Laws of the Land
    Buzz Boxing Basics
    How to Care for Asparagus Chias
    How To Be A Gormball Champ
    Neopian Encyclopedia F - J
    Bouncing Blumaroos
    Secret Bruce Journal
    A Buzz Faerie Tale
    Learning To Sing Notes
    The Angry Chomby
    The Great Chomby
    Train Koi
    Healthy Kyrii Treats
    Pteri Bust Out
    Confident Kyrii
    Defenders Stand for Justice
    Mummified Ruki History
    Snows of Neopia
    JubJub Manual
    The Great Koi Caper
    Grundo Cafe Recipes
    Daring Draiks
    Altador Cup Rule Book
    A Starry Pteri Night
    The Great Vacation
    Neopian Encyclopedia P - T
    Radio Active Pteri Part 1
    Zombie Handbook
    The Confused Mynci
    Purple Power
    Drawing Kiko
    JubJubs Day
    Jetsam Tall Tails
    Adventures In Space
    Growling For Beginners
    The History of the Origami Warf
    Tusk Care For Moehogs
    Mynci Law
    Neopian Encyclopedia U - Z
    Unhappy Tails
    Mingling With Moehogs
    Raising Young Kau
    Sloth Hair Tips
    Moehog News
    Mazzew Grooming
    Korbats Lab Secrets
    Do-It-Yourself Kites
    Scouting For Korbats
    Uni Beauty Manual
    Meerca Fashion Season 2
    Feeding Frenzy
    My Neohome
    All You Need to Know About Your JubJub
    The Little Blue Shoyru
    Viras Revenge
    Clay JubJub Fun
    Kite Care
    Songs For Your Pan Flute
    Attack Of The Meercabots
    Howling For Fun
    Once Upon A Chia
    Poogle Performers
    Eliv Thade Peek a Boo Book
    Collecting Buzz Plushies
    My Life As A Sponge
    Notable Nimmos
    Tuskaninny Grooming
    Tonu Tusk Polishing
    Confusing Conundrums
    Behind Brexis
    Peopatras Story
    Rules to Rule By
    Encyclopedia Neopia
    Grandfather Koi
    Dark Eyes the Aisha
    Basic Spelling Songs
    Korbat Origami Book
    The Mischevious Mutant Tonu
    Half-eaten Book
    Shenkuu Cooking
    The Hungry Grarrl
    The Grumpy Grundo
    Carrot Growing
    Silver Horn
    Lenny Microbiology
    Flotsam Food
    Photo Collage Making
    Rainbow Flotsam Stories
    Famous Kois
    Daffodil Diary
    Lenny Adventures
    The Biographies of Mostly Important Neopians
    Life After Cheat
    Whirlpool Colouring Book
    Koi Scales Maraquan Chombies: Secrets from the Deep
    Baby Tonu Book
    How To Play Zurroball
    Yurble Hairstyles
    The Hidden Temple
    Mouldy Tome
    On The Trot
    The Chocolate Chia Book
    Muffin Baking Book
    Meerca Day Recipes
    Guide To Your Health
    Baking For Myncies
    Skyward an Eyries Guide to Flying
    Effective Confetti Clean Up
    The Meridellian Pteri
    Snot My Fault
    Jokes To Make Skarl Laugh
    Almost Famous: The Tale of Sir Edmund Ogletree
    Illusens Ixi
    Skeith Prints
    Two Tuskaninnies
    Finding That Bargain
    Yurble Skirmishes
    Game Manual: Pterattack
    Babaas Baba
    The Royal Treasure Collection
    Nimmo Genealogy
    The Tie Tie-in
    King Roos Dice
    Maraquan Pop-Up Book
    Serious Sadness
    2 Much 2 Soon
    One Step Forward
    Collectable Cards
    Visiting Kreludor
    Famous Lennies
    My First Book
    Koi Collector
    Xweetok Grooming
    Peophin Legends
    Jokes and Riddles
    Eliv Thades Guide to Anagrams
    Kau Battle Tactics
    My First Mazzew
    Bumper Cars Guide Book
    The Plushie Skeith
    Baby Lenny Book
    Acara Gormball Tips
    Xweetok Guide to Flying
    Wocky Will
    Yurble Feelings
    Ruki Recipes
    Secrets Of The Money Tree
    Ixi A-Z
    Grey Tonu Tales
    Hissi 101
    Flotsams in Rock
    Nimmos Pond Guide Book
    My First Faerie
    King Kacheek
    Destruct-O-Match Basics
    M*YNCI Fan Book
    Baby Bath Time
    Knights Of Meridell
    My Eyrie Friend
    Fun with Macrame
    Disco Moehog Dancing
    Flotsam Facts
    Flotsam Legend
    Mynci Banana Book
    Heroic Pteri Tales
    The Scaredy Yurble
    Try Not To Beg
    Stampede Tips
    The Ixi Book
    Candy Making
    The Bori Handbook
    Behind the Mask
    Crypt Days
    Time Tunnel Game Guide
    Elephante and the Peanut
    Kiko Treasure Island
    Geometry Level 1
    Cookie Dough Bomb Manual
    History of the Magical Bookshop
    The Techo Adept
    Buzz Gourmet
    Space Mynci
    Caring For Your Ill Kau
    When Gelerts Go Bad
    Poogle Races
    Buzz for Infants
    Kyrii Country
    Big Book of Big Laughs
    Basic Healing For Kyriis
    The Shadowy Shoyru
    Evil Plots For Beginners
    Kyrii Tales
    Basic Survival Skills
    Talons and Tails
    Magic for Beginners
    A Yurbles True Story
    Gone Fishing
    Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet
    Kougra Adventures
    Gnorbu Fashions
    The Ogrin Hunter
    Flotsam Style
    Tonu Steps
    Year 3 Calendar
    Concert Hall Pictures
    Easy Knitting Projects for Any Occasion
    Tonu Talk
    The Art of Surfing in Moltara
    Caring For Your Slugawoo
    Training Your Flotsam
    Life Is Good
    Speak Tyrannian
    99 Acara Hair Tips
    The Elephante Encyclopedia
    Fun Lava Facts
    A Furry Tale
    The Ultimate Drum Practice Book
    Defending The Castle
    Getting Better
    My Sweet Scorchio
    Attack of the Revenge Game Guide
    Boomerang Throwing Techniques
    Little-known Towel Facts
    Acara Nightmare
    Acara Aquatics
    Science is Fun!
    Billy Blue Hat
    The Lone Ruki
    Kacheeks Are Cool
    Hula De Ruki
    Sleepy Time
    101 Negg Recipes
    The Nimmo Who Loved to Read
    The Bruce Book
    Squares in Nature
    The Best of Love
    Mystery Island Pop-Up Book
    Too Hot
    The Guide to Tonu Armour
    History of Disclaimers
    Yurble Paper Dolls
    On Illusens Wings
    Tear Jerkers
    Kite Races
    Geometry Level 2
    Framing Art
    Neopia Fashion Trends Magazine
    Chow, Baby!
    Bruces Magic Guide
    The Joy Of Metal Work
    Gardening For Gelerts
    Raising Grundos
    Neopian Music
    Imperial Exam Scroll
    The Sinking Neopoint
    The Rainbow Gelert
    ARRRR! A Pirate Scorchios Tale
    Acara Who Dwell in Darkness
    Guide to Neopian Snowflakes
    Large Book of Geometry
    Painting Poogles
    A Special Christmas
    Lair of the Tuskaninny
    BIG book of Puzzles
    Pop Quiz Preparedness
    Tubular Kiko Racing Game Guide
    The Art of Paper Hat Folding
    Choosing Kacheeks
    Lucky Stars
    Discover Xweetoks
    History of the Meerca Boomerang
    Adventure Bound Xweetok
    Lunch Box Treats
    The Split Flotsam
    Leaf Mosaics and You!
    An Usul Autumn
    Murky Waters
    Taming The Hair
    Sinsi: An Autobiography
    The Big Book of Rafts
    Aisha Sea Life
    Kougra Quotes
    The Secret Journal of Agent A
    Kyrii Shopping Guide
    Sculpting Clay
    Neopia on 500 Neopoints a Day
    101 Recipes For Courgettes
    The Beautiful Shoyru
    Flotsam Anatomy
    Techo Mountain
    Meerca Rodeo
    1001 Yokes
    The Fire Shoyru
    Gelert Night Vision
    Shocking Pranks
    Faerie Rock Touch-N-Feel Book
    Buzz Snot
    Le Blu
    Geometry Level 3
    Grundo Surf Manual
    Shell Values
    Defenders of Neopia Fun Book
    Blumaroo Stickers
    The Big Book of Verb Conjugation
    Collectors Guide to Bobbleheads
    Glitter 101
    The Wayward Flotsam
    Illusens Sword Techniques
    Colour Design
    Line Design
    Grammar On The Go
    Clef Notes
    The Lucky Paw
    Aisha Encyclopedia
    Journey to the Skies
    Lutari Claw Care
    Hook Line and Sinker
    Programming For Grundos
    Showing Gelerts
    Elusive Shenkuu Guide
    Native Nimmos
    Rial the Red
    Ye Old Meridellian Vocabulary Workbook
    No To Crokabek
    Kau Defence
    Ruki Survival Tips
    Kau Faerie Tales
    Pteri Feather Book
    A Flotsam Christmas
    Moehog Colouring Book
    Something Fishy
    Shoyru Secrets
    The Hunt For The Red Gelert
    Shell Crafts
    Brick Laying for Beginners
    Gelert Anatomy
    Grundo Potions
    Mynci Day Cook Book
    Koi Fashion and Accessories
    Tonu Battle Tips
    Organic Recipes
    Kyrii Magic Tricks
    Wocky Secrets
    Snicklebeast Poems
    Shoyru Mysteries
    How Now Brown Kau
    The Legend of Count von Roo
    Decorating Your Garden
    Extreme Ixi
    Training School Myths
    Zafara Detective
    Decorating Your Garden
    Corn Art
    How Now Brown Kau
    Flotsam Wok Recipes
    Skeith Flying
    A Lenny Apprentice
    Popular Draik Names
    Naughty Slorg!
    Speak Grundo Vol 1
    Gelert Bravery
    Your Organic Garden
    Becoming A Spy
    Draik Legends
    Slorg Care
    Kougra Plushie Catalogue
    Courgette Collecting
    Lenny Love

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    Is it always profitable? ;3

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    yes you can make 100k at least daily:d

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    Hey thanks for the list but could you add a spoiler?

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