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Thread: A Noob's Guide to Making NP/$$ on Clraik

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    A Noob's Guide to Making NP/$$ on Clraik

    So! Basically, I made this guide for the “Noobies”. You might be wondering how the heck a noob like myself could help other noobs.
    WELL, the fact that I've only just learned a lot of the ins and outs of Clraik means that I can use my experiences of what I was looking
    for and what I needed help on to create this guide for others that might be looking for the same stuff I was a little while ago

    I’ve condensed a bunch of info into this guide by using links to other guides (there’s just too much info to pack into one guide!)
    and I DID get the permission from the other guide creators to do so.

    Anyway… if you’re looking to sell or make a bunch of NP, this will tell you step by step how to do it… the noob way!

    Step 1. Get VIP

    This guide is for those who have access to most/all the programs Clraik has to offer. Newbies can’t access upper-level programs.
    By buying VIP (which only costs 4.95$ per month) you will get immediate access to ALL the programs, plus some exclusive forums,
    which is an awesome price for everything you’re getting. And by using the programs listed below,
    you can easily make enough money to cover the price of VIP (IF you do things intelligently), and make plenty of profit in the process. It’s worth it!

    Step 2: Download Some Programs

    Once you have VIP, it’s time to download some programs. These are the ones I find most useful/profitable.

    Stealth Buyer Pro
    Basically, this is a main shop autobuyer. Using a list of items you want to buy (lists that you can find here: AB Lists),
    you can basically snipe super expensive items from shops for cheap prices,
    and resell for profit. BUT you also need to do this SAFELY.
    Please, if you are new to this, do not run-off autobuying at ridiculous times and speeds.
    Also, you will need proxies as to not get chain frozen. For a FREE proxy list, go here: Ultimate Guide to Riches

    Mass Email Checker
    This is used for finding emails that are hooked up to neopet’s accounts. Why you may ask? Check below.

    Hotmail Checker
    This program checks if a @hotmail email address is already taken or not. The purpose of this is to use emails you find with the Mass Email Checker
    and see if any emails are unregistered. If you find an unreg, you create the email, use the neo-site to request the username and password, and wala!
    You have a new account. Accounts you find could have tons of rare items, NP, and rare pets.
    A great guide for finding/using unregistered emails is here: Guide to Finding Unregs

    Massive Username Grabber
    This goes hand in hand with the Hotmail checker and E-mail checker. Basically you can use this to grab usernames,
    then add an @email suffix at the end to create a possible email. Again, for more information, check out the guide mentioned above.

    • Yay! Now you have your basic programs. Please note that there are MANY more useful programs on Clraik,
    these are just the ones I suggest everyone to get, and the ones I use the most because they make me the most NP,
    which can later be turned into $$!

    Step 3: Selling/Buying

    This is for those that want to make a profit (REAL dollars!!) or are planning on buying from other sellers (or both).

    List of items sellable on Clraik
    You would be surprised at how many different things you can sell on Clraik! Here is a list of them: Neopoints, neo-items,
    Unconverted neopets (UCs), Battle dome neopets (neopets with high BD stats), active neo accounts, inactive neo accounts, NC mall items,
    unregistered emails, account building services, avatar lending services, and much more!
    Many sellers/buyers use acronyms in their posts.
    To be sure you understand what’s being said, here’s a guide on acronyms: Clraik Acronyms.

    Securing your items
    There’s a few things you need to know before you start selling. First off, you need to make sure that if your selling autobought items
    or NP made from autobuying that you won’t get a customer frozen. So, here’s a guide on how to transfer autobought items,
    how to secure inactive/active accounts, among other things: Securing Your Assets.

    You might be wondering how the trading system works. There’s a forum labeled “Neopet Trades”, so go there if you need to buy or sell something.
    BUT before you start buying and selling, read up on Middlemen. These are exactly what they sound, and free to use!
    Don’t let a trade go awry because you didn’t use a Middleman. For more info on Middlemen and how to use them, go here: Guide to Middlemen.

    A Few Selling Rules
    At Clraik, there's a few rules that sellers must go by. One of the important ones is that there's a minimum of 2$/1million NP.
    That includes selling pure or items. A few exceptions to this rule is when selling accounts or
    auctioning "High End" (super awesome expensive) items. Active accounts can go for a smaller price because
    there's more of a risk when trying to secure any items/pets. Another sort of obvious rule is to not scam the buyer.
    Keep your promises, don't fall through. OR you shall get banned

    Once a trade is completed, just remember to use the Itrader system, which is used to leave feedback for buyers or sellers.
    Before buying from someone, check their Itrader to see if they have good feedback or are well known throughout the site.
    If so, you’re good to go! Plus, remember to leave feedback. People always appreciate it when you leave them good feedback for a successful buy/sale.

    Selling takes time… and patience!
    The better feedback and reputation you have as a seller, the more sales you’re going to get. It takes time to build up revenue,
    just like a real business. Before you know it, you will be growing… growing… and growing! The first month you might make a little,
    the next month more, the next month even more. You might make a few mistakes on the way, but learn from them and move on. Improve.

    The End
    Thanks for reading my first guide! Comments are appreciated, as well as feedback on what can be better explained/fixed/added.
    There’s bound to be plenty of errors, knowing myself If you have any questions, please ask, and I will attempt to help.
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    Great guide! Thanks!

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