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Thread: [Guide] Semi-realism Digital Painting

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    Red face [Guide] Semi-realism Digital Painting

    Hi guys! This isn't really a "tutorial" as such, since I didn't really write out what I did or how to go about doing it.
    But I basically just stopped every now and then and saved what I had already done. So it's sort of like a "Work In Progress" image?
    I dunno, I hope it helps though.

    Also, for some reason, I'm not satisfied with how it looks, but whatever hahah, it's probably
    just something to do with the facial anatomical details which I got wrong.

    Some other random details:
    - Everything was done in one layer; color was added in another layer.
    - I used "Paint Tool SAI" up until I started adding color, whereby I switched to Photoshop.
    - Brush tool for the majority, Pen tool (In SAI, not PS) for the more dense colors (E.g. when there are random white strokes on the face)
    - When I added color, I used OVERLAY, which I then merged, then adjusted using PS options (color balance, levels and the like), and did the hair separately with a brush in PS.

    300% ZOOM: (Of the PROGRESS' below)
    1. First Half
    2. Second Half

    (Images go from top to bottom, left to right) (I split them into 2 images to make it easier to upload and see, lol)

    Final: (Sharpening, other color adjustments)

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