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    Hi I'm fire, I like to feed kadoaties from time to time. I may not be a pro at it but I have a method
    that works for me and I thought it would be nice to share. It's my first guide
    and if you have anything to add feel free to PM or post so i can improve.

    Q. Whats Shop Wiz feeding?
    A. Feeding kadoaties by quickly using the shop wizard to buy the foods. If you're fast enough, it's cheaper than Inventory, SDB, or UB feeding.

    Hot Keys

    Hot keys are a vital part of my method to kadoatie feeding. If you master these keys it'll make you a lot faster. If you aren't familiar with them here is a guide:

    Kadoatie Basics
    Kad Kadoatie
    main the main group kadoaties that reset at the same time
    mini kadoaties that will reset at a different time than the main. Usually caused by a UB feed
    pending when kadoaties didn't reset the last possible time, they are "pending rf" at this next time
    List The list of foods that the kads asked for the last mini/main
    Merge When a Main and mini reset at the same time and they will combine to form just a larger main
    overfeeder Person who feeds over 75 kads needed for the avatar

    kadoaties reset 20 seconds after the minute
    so if the time posted on the board is :07, you refresh at :07:20.

    After a kadoatie has been fed, it has a possibility of reseting 28 minutes after the last time they were fed. If they don't after that then they have another possibility after 7 minutes, Every 7 minutes they will have a chance to reset until once they do reset. Then you will have to wait another 28 minutes and so on.

    Get Prepared
    open up 2 tabs, one with the kadoatery, another with the SW or the SSW.

    On the SW, change to "Identical to my phrase", then click the search text bar to have it open. When you switch tabs you don't have to find it and click, you can just paste.

    Time to feed
    Get ready to refresh 20 seconds after the listed kadoatie time. if they reset it will look like this:

    Quickly, pick a square ( you might notice some extreme overfeeders have a spot that they feed every time, try avoiding those)

    Quickest way for me is the Triple click. Just click the food 3 times and it will highlight the whole thing.
    (i think for PC you only have to click 2 times)
    After its highlighted use your copy hot key, and switch tabs hot key.

    Then Paste into the space (you don't need to click anywhere because you were set up) and hit enter

    go to buy the item and hit enter instead of trying to click okay.

    go back, find your kad and hopefully....

    you have fed your first kad, congrats! If it says its already fed, then you have been beaten
    but don't give up! go back and find another kad that hasn't been fed yet and try again!

    Why feed kads you ask? Well for these:

    1-9 feeds



    and what everyone wants....

    The adorable kadoatie avatar, which you can show off everywhere and people will be jealous. It takes 75 feeds to get this avatar.

    - thanks for reading my guide c: if this didn't help you you can also try
    T H E S E
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    Great guide for beginner feeders! I've fed over 500 kads using the shop wiz in my time, and some of this stuff is new to me xD Keep up the good work!

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