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Thread: clraik VIP perks!

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    clraik VIP perks!

    clraik VIP Rank!

    What is clraik VIP?

    It is your ticket to great pets and millions of neopoints!

    clraik VIP is for the ELITE! For a low fee for
    $4.95 USD for 35 days, you can have unlimited access to all 80+ clraik programs!

    Click here to take a look at the rates and payment~
    You can easily pay with paypal or since VIP is giftable, you can ask one of the users here to gift it to you in return for neopoints/items!

    You want to snipe a pet? No problem, use our forum's Auto pound sniper that allows you to choose the color, species, and name format of the pet from the pound in Milliseconds!
    Don't have a transfer? It'll snipe your pet by name in less than a second to another account!

    I'm in the pound... Snipe me!

    Do you want a shiny gold trophy for your account but can't seem to get it?

    Kass Basher CHAMPION!!!

    Look no further, Joe has the most up to date Score Sender which will allow you to submit the score you want with the time you want! Getting trophies have never been easier!

    Altador Cup VII
    1st Place
    Rank All-Star

    YooyuBall Autoplayer! Yes we have that here too! Every year we have our Altador Cup programs updated
    before anyone else! And we even have a Yooyuball Score Sender that will help you win the best of prizes available!
    First place has never been so easy~

    You can Auto-feed a Kad with a 10K food item, snipe paintbrushes and nerkmids from the Money Tree, Snipe rare MPs and Draik Eggs from shops, and even grab a Bony Grrarl Club from the Almost Abandoned Attic!
    You Must Be Registered and Logged On To View "IMG" BBCode Contents...
    [FONT=century gothic]

    [SIZE=4][B]A run-down on the perks you get with clraik VIP:[/B][/SIZE]
    [FONT=century gothic][SIZE=5][COLOR=#008080]-@[URL="" target="_blank">Evelsaint Approves![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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