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Thread: ☠ Food Club Betting Guide ☠

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    ☠ Food Club Betting Guide ☠

    Food Club Betting Guide


    Welcome to Foxer's guide to making Food Club bets. There are a couple of things you should take note of before proceeding; I am not an expert. I have not won the Food Club trophy and this is not a guide to getting that trophy, it is extremely difficult to get even for veteran betters. This guide is completely legit and I hope to teach you how to make your own bets to make lots of Neopoints at this game. Food Club can be extremely lucrative for very little effort if you play it right, but at the end of the day it is still a game of chance, and even if you place perfect bets, there is no guarantee you'll win.

    The Basics

    Food Club is not a club. In fact it is a game of chance in which you place bets on the eating power of some scurvy pirates. Yes, it's an eating contest. There are five arenas with four pirates competing in each once per day. The aim of the game is for you to place up to 10 bets on the pirates you think are going to win in each arena with the catch being that you will only win as many Neopoints as the odds will allow. If you bid on a pirate with 2:2 odds, you will only win twice what you have bet. That is where the tricky part begins, but we'll get to that later. For now I'll introduce you to the game structure.

    Every day at 2pm NST a game of Food Club will run. Betting for that game will close roughly half an hour before the game begins, and the game itself can last between half an hour to an hour. The moment one game ends, betting for the next game begins. You can place a total of 10 bets comprising any combination of arenas and pirates you want. The combination of pirates in each arena will be randomly generated at the conclusion of the previous game. The odds for each pirate will also be calculated based on a combination of their skill at food consumption and the combination of pirates they will compete against. Be warned, the odds can change between the conclusion of the previous game and the close of betting for the current one. The best thing you can do is make your bets no more than two or three hours before betting closes.

    Your winnings are calculated by multiplying your origonal bet amount with the odds of all the bets you placed that won. You have placed ten bets with a bet amount of 100 NP for each. Two of your bets won, the first was 8:1, the second was 16:1. So for the first bet you will win 800 NP, and for the second you will win 1600 NP, making for a total of 2400 NP. This is a good win, since your ten bets at 100 NP meant you spent 1000 NP on betting. That means you've made a profit of 1400 NP, good job!

    The Arenas & Pirates

    As I mentioned before, there are five arenas and 20 pirates. Each arena, then, holds 4 competitors and there will be one winner from each. Each pirate will have odds for how likely it is they'll win. The best odds are 2:1, which means that pirate will have a high chance of winning. The lowest is 13:1, which means it's incredibly unlikely they'll win. However, since Food Club is still a game of chance, there will be times when 2:1 pirates lose and (rarely) 13:1 pirates win.

    Here is a list of the competitors. The most important columns are their strength and the win percentage.

    Name Strength Weight Wins Losses %
    Scurvy Dan the Blade 87 166 1828 1970 48%
    Young Sproggie 73 112 750 3047 20%
    Orvinn the First Mate 52 221 421 3377 11%
    Lucky McKyriggan 82 182 1061 2737 28%
    Sir Edmund Ogletree 79 177 1032 2765 27%
    Peg Leg Percival 73 202 544 3253 14%
    Bonnie Pip Culliford 76 116 915 2883 24%
    Puffo the Waister 68 180 471 3327 12%
    Stuff-A-Roo 59 211 227 3571 6%
    Squire Venable 61 213 235 3563 6%
    Captain Crossblades 66 185 442 3356 12%
    Ol' Stripey 74 189 763 3034 20%
    Ned the Skipper 79 169 897 2901 24%
    Fairfax the Deckhand 71 151 711 3087 19%
    Gooblah the Grarrl 93 199 2478 1318 65%
    Franchisco Corvallio 81 165 1339 2458 35%
    Federismo Corvallio 81 166 1327 2470 35%
    Admiral Blackbeard 76 171 673 3125 18%
    Buck Cutlass 89 189 1680 2118 44%
    The Tailhook Kid 81 207 1190 2607 31%

    This is a handy list to have, as it will help you decide which of the pirates would be a safe bet, which is part of the betting strategy I will explain later on in tis guide. Remember that the pirates in each arena will be selected randomly, so sometimes you will get Gooblah and Buck in the same arena, and sometimes you will get Gooblah, Venable, Stuff-a-Roo and Orvinn, in which case it's a fairly safe bet that Gooblah will win. It just depends on the pirate selection and their respective odds.

    Placing Your Bets

    Here is what the betting dialogue looks like:

    Place A Bet
    Arena Name Winning Pirate
    Treasure Island
    Hidden Cove
    Harpoon Harry's
    Winnings Calculator
    This is an estimate based on the current odds, which may fluctuate throughout the day!
    Bet Amount Total Odds Total Payoff

    The column on the right will contain a dropdown box showing the competitors for each arena and their odds. You place a bet by clicking the check boxes to include an arena in your bet and selecting a winning pirate from the dropdown menu. You then place your bet amount in the box at the bottom left and the odds and payoff will be calculated automatically. The amount of NPs you can bet depends on the age of your account, so it is better to use older accounts when betting, as you can bet much higher amounts of NP. You can bet a base of 50 NP plus 2 NP for every day your account ages. The betting page will show you how much you can bet.

    The total odds are calculated by multiplying the odds for all the winning pirates in arenas you've selected. More about this later.

    Betting Strategy

    Now we've covered the basics of how the game works and how to get involved, you'll be wanting a good betting strategy to make you lots of Neopoints. Keep in mind that your bets don't affect any other player, and so it is not against the rules to share your bets or even copy others. In fact a lot of kind Neopians post their bets publically each day. The betting process can be complicated, and if you're finding it too hard, it's no trouble to just find someone else's bets to use. I recommend Drusillax.

    So the first thing you need to do when deciding on your bets is to look at each of the arenas. Find one that has three average pirates and one good one, as you're going to need multiplier bets. As I mentioned before, the odds for each pirate you bet on in each arena are multiplied. A multiplier bet is a safe filler bet that will bolster the odds and get you more winnings.

    So let's say the Shipwreck arena has the following competitors:
    Scurvy Dan the Blade - 2:1
    Captain Crossblades - 13:1
    Sir Edmund Ogletree - 7:1
    Ol' Stripey - 6:1

    Scurvy clearly has the advantage, and the other three aren't likely to win. That doesn't mean one of them won't create an upset, but the odds are in your favour. Scurvy is going to be one of your multiplier bets. When you bet on pirates in other arenas, if they have anything below 4:1 odds, you can include Scurvy in that particular bet to multiply your existing odds by 2. Anything above 4:1 is high enough that it doesn't really need to be multiplied, but that doesn't mean you can't put him in there if you're confident in him winning his arena. Remember that you only have 10 bets to work with, and you won't be able to cover all your bases, so you need to be quite selective. Sometimes you will want to have multiple multipliers in your bets, and I usually leave one bet reserved for four 2:1 competitors.

    So let's say Gooblah is in the Lagoon with three mid-ranking pirates. He will be our second multiplier because he is the strongest and wins the most often. Once we've isolated those multipliers, we're going to need to pick one arena in which the winner is not inevitable and focus on covering that arena. You're never going to be able to pick the winners for all arenas, so it's best to focus on just one or two and make bets on all the competitors in that arena. Using your safe bets to multiply those odds means that, provided your safe bets win, you should always get at least one or two bets paying off.

    Let's say Hidden Cove is our main focus for this round of betting. The competitors stand like so:
    Buck Cutlass - 3:1
    Squire Venable - 10:1
    Federismo Corvallio - 3:1
    Lucky McKyriggan - 2:1

    Venable probably isn't going to win, but his odds are high and it's worth making bets on all of them. So with our two multipliers, our first few bets might look like this:
    Scurvy Dan the Blade - 2:1
    Gooblah the Grarrl - 2:1
    Buck Cutlass/Squire Venable/Federismo/ Lucky - 3:1/10:1/3:1/2:1
    Total odds - 12:1/40:1/12:1/8:1

    12:1 isn't a bad show, but if you wanted to you could always include another multiplier. 40:1 is amazing, but remember that the more players you include in your bet, the less likely it is to win. You could always remove one or even both of the multiplier bets. Finally, 8:1 is, again, okay, but it could do with another multiplier.

    Sometimes you might want to switch out certain multipliers for certain bets. If you want to use one pirate as a multiplier but you're uncertain of his winning, you can make two bets, one using him and the other using a more reliable multiplier. You might also want to make filler bets to stand alone. Once you've made bets on all four players in an arena with multipliers to bolster your odds, you can make a single bet with just your multipliers, Scurvy and Gooblah. The odds will only be 4:1, but remember that you have already made 4 bets using them. If they both win, you win 5/10 of the bets instead of 4/10.

    Since you have 10 bets, you can also partially cover another arena if you would like. I also sometimes like to make one or two wide catch bets on some of the lower chance pirates simply because Food Club is a game of chance, and sometimes a pirate with 13:1 odds will actually win against Gooblah. If you bet on that pirate, you don't need any multipliers to make yourself rich.

    Your betting method and structure will largely depend on how the odds fall on any given day, as well as how risky you want to play it. Sometimes you will lose NP to this game. There will be days where the odds are not in your favour and it isn't a good idea to place bets, or the game decides to throw a spanner in the works and one of your multipliers loses to Stuff-a-Roo. It's okay, though, because in the long run you can make a lot of money from this. Keep an eye on the results for each arena each day. As you progress each day, keep note of who has won and who hasn't won for a while. If Gooblah has won his last ten competitions usually the game will let him lose one. If one of the 13:1 pirates hasn't had a win in a few weeks it might be that it's time for him to have his day. The game might be random, but there are always patterns for those willing to look for them.

    Here is a general outline of the contents of each bet. Adapt it to the odds and your preferences.

    Bet One: 2-4 multipliers
    Bet Two: 1-2 multipliers and focus arena 1
    Bet Three: 1-2 multipliers and focus arena 2
    Bet Four: 1-2 multipliers and focus arena 3
    Bet Five: Focus arena 4 (lowest odds does not need a multiplier)
    Bet Six: 1-2 multipliers (the ones you're most sure of)
    Bet Seven: Alternate arena 1 (low odds) and possibly 1-2 multipliers
    Bet Eight: 1-2 multipliers and alternate arena 2 (highest odds)
    Bet Nine: 1-2 multipleirs and alternate arena 3
    Bet Ten: Round up any loose ends.


    Food Club seems confusing at first, and in some ways it is. On the face of it the betting is simple, but there are many ways to make your bets and no way is the right way. As you experiment, you will lose some Neopoints until you find what works best for you. Mine is just one of many methods that you can adapt to suit your own betting style. And hey, if you don't want to or you're just too lazy, go use a betting guide. I won't judge.

    Thanks for reading and I hope it was helpful. Please post any comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

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