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Thread: Environmental Economics

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    Environmental Economics

    Has anyone here taken Environmental Economics? If so would you be able to help me with coming up with a few key points for some of these questions ? not all of them are required i only need three or four of the five I can + rep for help, have my final exam tomorrow and doing some last minute prep.

    1. Environmental policy in any country is greatly affected by its political
    system. How does Canada’s political system impact environmental regulation? Briefly contrast this to the US environmental policy process.

    2. Briefly discuss the history of the use of technology based standards
    (TBS) in Ontario to eliminate toxic contaminants in municipal and
    industrial discharges into waterways. Comment critically on this program.

    3. Identify two transboundary air pollution problems experienced by Canada
    and the United States. Briefly explain how these air quality problems
    have been dealt with and comment critically.

    4. Briefly compare Canadian and U.S. policies on toxic waste clean up
    and management. Very briefly discuss which country you feel has been
    more effective in dealing with this issue.

    5. Very briefly describe the history of environmental regulation of the pulp
    and paper sector in Canada. Comment on the environmental impact
    of this regulation and whether you feel it has been effective.

    Thanks in advance!
    @Ciricus i know you have taken a few of these courses don't know if you would be able to help at all ?
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