I have http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/73331

This auto player is better than nothing but in my opinion it does not play the optimal strategy. Case in point that really kills it is the way it treats qualifiers.
For example, say the first roll is (2,3,2,4,5,1) it will keep BOTH (1,4) and nothing else. Realistically it should have only kept the four (if given a choice between two qualifiers, choose the (4) because if you already have a (1) and another shows up you are looking at a difference of three points)

I would keep (4,6) leaving four dice to get a (1)
Bot keeps (1,4,6)

Next roll (following Bot) is (3,2,2). If the (1) had been left, there would have been a much higher chance of getting a roll of either a (1,6)
Bot keeps (3)
Now you are basically sunk, it's very rare to win with a (3) as your second die.

I can't really mathematically prove what I think here, but I am hoping someone else can... and that they can also turn it into a grease monkey script...