TNT Staff Smasher

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General Info

TNT Staff Smasher, or Whack-A-Staff-Member as it was previously called up until January 2008, is an extremely fun and stress relieving game in which you get to smack the heads of various members of The Neopets Team staff. Every once in awhile the Neopets Team will change around the staff members in the game. Aside from that, the game play has stayed the same since it was created back near the beginning of Neopets. The game is a fairly popular Neopia Central game, possibly because of the avatar that you can earn from the game, or more likely due to the fact that you get to hit staff members on the cranium with a mallet in it!

How to Play

This game is very easy. Use the mouse to guide the mallet around the screen, and use the space bar to hit a staff member in the head. If you hit a pet lose points!
The first level will show you where you have to hit because it puts a little red bull's-eye over the handle where the cursor is. After level one, the bullseye will disappear, so make sure you remember its location! Use either the spacebar or the left mouse button to whack a staff member; whichever you prefer. The spacebar tends to be better if you are going ballistic on one of the last levels and are trying to get as much as you can, whereas clicking the left mouse button allows for better precision.


- The built in code for this game is "a5paragu5" which will give you a bigger mallet. NEVER USE IT. The mallet is unwieldy and in higher levels, where it would help, you will not have the time to waste typing the code.

- Hit in the face not to fail, right between the eyes.

- In the lower levels, around 1 through 7 (or higher if you can), aim for perfect accuracy. This will give you more leeway in later levels where you will end up missing some staffers.

- You have to try to get 200 pts. by level, so you can get the avatar because level 12 is harder to hit the staff as they move faster.

- Each staff member gives different score, you need to become familiar with their faces.

- Hit first girls these are generally more pts.

- Try to memorize the staff to leave when they first hit to get extra pts, and try to remember the order they come out.

Be careful not to hit the pet, they will play down -10 pts.

Rest between levels, do not be nervous and if you want preheat.

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Scoring Level Points

All Good Things in Time

- Do Not Expect to Get the Avie (or a super high score) in One Day: Doing well in this game Takes time, so Do not plan on Reaching the Grand Master level in one day. Instead, just try to raise your score with Each game - 10 points, 100 points, 1 point. . . Does it matter as long as you continue to Increase your score Because Every little bit helps.

- Do not Strain Yourself: If you get bored with the game, stop playing Until You Regain Interest. Do Not play for hours at a time, it will only lower your score and strain your eyes.

- High Score General Tips: In order to get a trophy plan on staying up late the last night of the month. Sending your scores (for trophies) on the last day of the month 4:00 a.m. near NST will Give You A Better Chance of Having Your score make it onto the high score table. Good Luck!

- Remember to Have Fun: This is a game, after all, You Should Be When You play yourself enjoying it!


Score 2,250 or more points