I quit TinierMe a while ago, and decided recently to sell the items of worth on my account. I'm looking for USD or Zeevex coins in the corresponding amount.

Here is what I am trying to sell:

Complete Sheet:
Radiant Scarred Red Eyes
Metallic Angel Wings White
Shrine Maiden Prayers White

Radiant Scarred Brown Eyes
Blinking Gentle
Element Dragon Aether
Metallic Angel Wings Green
Sabre Guardian Angel White
Cyber Music Blue
Metallic Angel Wings Blue
Metallic Angel Wings Yellow
Metallic Angel Wings Pink
Little Devil Stolas
Cyber Music Yellow
Mystic Chinese Dragon Black
Drifting Ghosts White
Angelic Judgment Blue
Naughty Devil Black
Shrine Maiden Prayers Black
Sealed Spirit Cards Black
Shrine Maiden Prayers Red
Shrine Maiden Prayers Blue
Dual Silent Slayer Iron
Pentagram Power Rod Black
Devil Cat Companion

Akahitoha Face
Cool Boy Golden

I'm looking for $100 for all of the above, or if you want the whole account (which includes tons more GC Items than I care to list along with the above) $150. Those are the AB prices, though I may be persuaded to go lower depending on how I feel. I would want payment through Paypal if USD or coins gifted through the Zeevex site if Zeevex.

AB: $100 (or $150)

Feel free to PM me to iron out details, or to bid.