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Thread: [Guide] Using Tor with Firefox

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    [Guide] Using Tor with Firefox

    So I decided to make this tutorial to make it a little bit easier to check up on your accounts by using different IP addresses everytime without much hassle. And I've also decided to edit it so it doesn't look like a wall of text.

    Step 1:

    First thing you need to do is to download the TorBundle from Tor's Download Page. The TorBundle is a program that connects you to the Tor network by using Vidalia. Vidalia is a nice little program that looks like this From there you can do numerous things like turn the program off or my favorite, the "use new identity" button which we will get to a little later.
    Side note:
    The Tor bundle also comes with its own browser which uses the IP from Vidalia as its proxy IP. If you want to you can simply use this browser to login with your shell accounts to check their status, the only problem is the browser doesn't load certain scripts or certain flash objects, and is very slow. The workaround for this I found was using firefox and setting the proxy settings in there to use whatever settings Vidalia is using.

    Step 2:
    You can download mozilla firefox off of their official website here

    Step 3:

    Once firefox is installed, open the browser and go to "Tools" then click on "Options". Once in there go to the advanced tab, click on network, then click the setting button under connections
    From there, you want to add these setting into the manual proxy configuration so that firefox uses tor's loopback address.
    Click "Ok" two times and WUALA, you now have firefox working off of the same IP as Vidalia.

    Step 4:
    To check different shell accounts, simply press the "use new identity" in the vidalia control panel to obtain a new global IP proxy address

    To check this:
    go to to see what your global IP is displayed as. That way, instead of going through a list of potential "good" proxies, you simply have a button to press and you've got a new IP

    If you want to work off of your ISP's IP all you need to do is : go back into the settings all the way where you entered the proxy's configuration and click the "No proxy" radial button. You also need to have torbundle running while using these settings, it won't have an IP to work with if you don't.

    If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to add! Thank you!
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