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    *****[Top 10 Avatars]****

    Avast, me heart! Though this be purely on random luck ye can travel
    the boards of Neopia fer days and never set yer land-lubbin' eyes on
    this ere' beauty. We're not having much to say about this ere' avy-tar,
    but it just be so fun to talk like pirates. Arr. If ye be wantin' this ere'
    avy-tar, ye should headover to Krawk Island and start digger fer treasure.
    Good luck, matey; ye will be needin' it. Arr.

    Perhaps one of the most common of the difficult-to-achieve avatars is*
    the MSPP. It can only be acquired by getting your hands on a Malevolent*
    Sentient Poogle Plushie(TCG) card. To make things even more difficult,*
    this item was originally available from the rare item codes that came in*
    each base-set NeopetsTCG card pack. Upon redeeming the code, there*
    was a small chance of winning a site item TCG card. Among those cards,*
    there was an even slighter likelihood of getting the elusive Malevolent*
    Sentient Poogle Plushie(TCG.)

    At first, the cards were only some-what rare, fetching around 800,000 NP*
    or so. As time wore on and more TCG expansions were released, fewer and*
    fewer players boughtthe original base-set cards. Now, with the actual cards*
    no longer in production, the site's version of the card is slowly vanishing from*
    Neopia, and its price is climbing higher and higher. Thankfully, there is a*
    slim(very, very slim) chance of acquiring the Malevolent Sentient Poogle*
    Plushie (TCG.) from a Random Event on the Neopets site, which is better than*
    nothing. Or you can get lucky and be lent!

    Now, this is an avatar that takes some serious dedication! Players need to feed
    75 Kads to earn thisavatar and “go pink,” as they call it. If you've been to the
    Kadoatery, you'vesurely noticed the rows of yowling Kadoaties and the ridiculous
    number of players trying to feed more of them every 20-45 minutes or so.

    Whether you're trying to feed the Kadoateries from your inventory or attempting
    to retrieve food fromyour SDB or the Shop Wizard, if you've tried to feed-one,
    then you know how crazy it gets when those pesky Kads are asking for food. It's
    like a Neopian stampede, and even managing to feed one Kad can seem like a miracle.
    To those who have stuckwith it and become skilled Kad feeders – hats off to you.
    That's some true serious you're showing, which is one of the reasons this avatar has
    remained so elusive for so many Neopians.

    As if making it into the Neopian Times wasn't challenging enough already, can you
    imagine how much harder it must be to get into a specific issue that avatar hunters are
    all clamouring to be published in as well? If you can, then you are probably aware of this
    avatar, which is awarded to those whose article or comics is selected for every 50th edition
    of the NeopianTimes (Since Article #200.)

    Back in Y6 when this avatar was released on the same day as the Super Attack Pea from the
    Smugglers Cove, it was much more common to see those who were willing to lend the item out
    so that others could get the avatar. Years later, though, many of the original 120 SuperAttack
    Peas have been lost tothe world of Neopia. With only a fraction of them remaining, owners of
    the Super Attack Peaare more-and-more hesitant to lend this precious item out to avatarcollectors.
    With the value of SuAP approaching 850-900m*, even gathering collateral for one can be unimaginable
    to many. Even with collateral, some owners are still unwilling to risk losing the item by lending.

    Thankfully, there are still some Neopians who have been known to lend for free, but this is
    still an extremely rare ocurance.

    *Prices fluctuate.

    Truly an auspicious avatar to have, this is the one that proves you are a true collector! The
    competiton to get this avatar is nearly unimaginable, and its acquisation is a goal for many
    players who have slowly but surely climbed to the top of the Neoboard's Avatar Collector
    high score table.

    Making it into the top50 slots of that high score table may bot sound like a challenge
    (at least it isn't thetop 10!) but considering the number of avatars needed to reach the top,
    getting there requires an absurd degree of luck, flash game skill or incredibly rare items.

    Avatars from plots are nothing new. But this particular avatar was one of the three that*
    could have been received from the Mystery Island plot several years ago. What makes it so*
    incredible rare is that it was awarded to the first 100 players who solved the plot, and then
    it was retired. Well done to anyone who received this remarkable avatar!

    Who'd have thought winning 10 games of Blige Dice in a row would be so hard? To get*
    this avatar you need abit of skill and a whole lot of luck. The odds of winning are so low it's
    always a surprise to see someone sporting this elusive avatar.

    Most weeks, there are thousands of entries into the Caption Contest. For every 100th Caption*
    Contest, the 15 winners are rewarded an extremely rare avatar. You can scarcely imagine how
    many players submit captions on strictly the occasions when this avatar is made available.*
    This makes the odds of your caption being found, selected and then actually winning so mind-
    boggling small that itcan make even the most hardcore avatar collector lose hope. If you're seen*
    sporting this avatar on the site, be prepared to get quite a few congratulations from your fellow*

    Quite possibly the rarest and most difficult to acquire of all the avatars are the stamp avatars,*
    and the most difficultof all those is the Mystery Island stamp collector avatar. The stamp
    collection requires to get five stamps with a rarity of 99, and six with the rarity of 101 that are*
    no longer available,plus one that is retired(in addition to the lower rarity stamps.)Even players*
    who can afford the hundreds of millions of Neopoints needed to purchase all the stampare hard-
    pressed to find any of them available for sale. What makes stamp avatars like this one a shiny glory*
    is the fact that stamps cannot be borrowed and, once placed in an album(which is required for
    the avatar), can never be removed. Anyone who has any of these stamp avatars truly deserves*
    a well-earned pat on the back.

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    WOW stamp collector is too difficult to achieve LOL

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